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Booking online is faster and easier than ever with TablaZoom’s smart reservation system. There’s no waiting for a confirmation: as soon as you pick an available time, you’re in our book. Our system will remember your details and you’ll get an optional reminder for your day-timer.

Brunch, the most important meal of the weekend

Brunch Boudin with warm frisée and caramelized apple

We're open for brunch every Saturday (starting at 11:00 am) and Sunday (at 10:30 am).

Eggs used in our cooking are “fresh air”, collected from “pastured” hens which roam freely on local farms.

The Brunch menu is popular. Reservations are a good idea, but since we keep a few tables open for guests walking in without reservations, there should always be room for you should you decide to make tracks to us on the spur of the moment.

Celebrating 40 years at Le Sélect

Ana shaping the famed "Îles Flottantes".

Le Sélect is celebrating Anastasia Lawrence's 40 years of exceptional service. Since 1979, she's been baking desserts for our guests. If you ever wondered why our pastries are so consistently good, thank Anastasia. At 82, she’s vowed that she’ll never retire. She feeds off the energy and enthusiasm of her younger colleagues, dishing words of advice to the newbies, and enriching the team with her wisdom and experience. Le Sélect is forever indebted to Anastasia and to her “younger colleagues” who boast of 30, 20, 15, and 10 years of loyal service.

Send a message to Anastasia. She’ll be thrilled to hear from you.

On-site Parking

We offer complimentary parking in our rear private lot at all times as well as in the rear lot of our adjacent neighbour to the East. All areas are monitored by CCTV and you don’t need to indicate to the reception that you parked there, as long as you are a patron.

On-street parking is also often plentiful but one needs to feed the meter as enforcers are on the lookout. On Sundays, street parking is free until 1:00pm. There is also a large number of hoops to lock a bicycle.

Gift Cards available on-line and on-site

Save yourself from present-buying stress: offer a gift card from Le Sélect Bistro.

They work like a credit card with a set amount, and can be use in one or multiple visits. No expiry date. Choose the value and order it online, and we will send it straight to you or the recipient.

Or drop by and we'll have it ready in no time.

“This the real thing! For lovers of vrai Parisian ambience, food and drink,
there is simply no better spot than Le Sélect”