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Tattoos: Ritual. Identity. Obsession. Art | Until Monday September 5 | Royal Ontario Museum | Hours

A cultural tradition worldwide, the legacy of tattooing is common among most cultures. During the Age of Discovery, European travellers in Asia, Oceania, and the Americas "rediscovered" tattoos, which then became popular among sailors and adventurers, and later associated with the fringes of society.

This exhibition presents the multifaceted world of tattooing and its more than 5,000 year-old history. It offers a unique approach to understanding this ancient practice, tracing its histories and meanings, as well as profiling the revival of this global phenomenon of body art. It showcases a visual history of body art and markings, ancient tools, and commissioned tattooed silicone body reproductions inked by some of the most respected tattoo artists in the contemporary world. This exhibition was developed and produced by the Musée des Arts Premiers du Quai Branly (Paris).

Honda Indy Car Race | From Friday July 15 to Sunday July 17 | Exhibition Place | Phone 416-588-7223

The Honda Indy Toronto is an annual IndyCar Series race, which had been held annually since. The track has 11 turns, is a 2.824-kilometre (1.755 mi) street circuit, and is located at Exhibition Place. Pilot test the track on Friday, qualify for pole position on Saturday and race on Sunday.

It is now IndyCar's second-longest running street race, only behind the Grand Prix of Long Beach.

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