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What's cooking, Laura? Meet the new chef!

Le Sélect is pleased to announce that Laura Maxwell is its new Chef.

"I am looking forward to the tremendous opportunity offered to expand my horizons while leading the talented and dedicated team at Le Sélect Bistro”", says Chef Laura. "In light of the upcoming challenges which the transformation of the neighbourhood is certain to bring, the objective is to consolidate and continue building on what we are recognized for and identified with: quality, value, traditions, and sustainability”."

Assisting Laura in her mission are Gavin Gordon, promoted to the position of Executive Sous-chef, and Jeremiah Courtney to Senior Sous-chef. 

Gavin studied Culinary Management at Humber College with a focus on French cuisine, then worked on the west coast and in Toronto. He joined le Sélect six years ago. A fitness enthusiast who believes that "you are what you eat", Gavin brings discipline and steadfastness to his new role. "What I love about le Sélect", says Gavin, "is that the work environment and the leadership foster personal development. We constantly experiment with new products, new techniques, new equipment and cutting-edge technologies. It challenges you to strive for the best”."

Jeremiah, a keen long-distance runner, earned a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo. He moved to Toronto to pursue his passion in cooking and joined le Sélect five years ago.

"During these years, he has demonstrated that he was an effective and valued member of the creative team and will undoubtedly contribute immensely as an able and affable Senior Sous-chef”," says Chef Laura.

"What I love about Bistro cuisine as we do it here", says Jeremiah, "is the link with the earth, the soil, the 'terroir', and a 'peasant culture'. The way we cook, preserve, pickle, and confit, for example, all remind me of our unbreakable bond with this culture."

Also brought up from the ranks are Joel Watson (left) and Collin Schwartz (below), two talented and hard-working young professionals. 

Both are now junior sous-chefs, in charge of training and day-to-day quality control.

Frédéric Geisweiller, co-proprietor of le Sélect, said that he was excited by the changes and confident that the team would build on le Sélect's advocacy of "good food".

"Good food shouldn't be just seen through the subjective lens of culture and taste", said Frédéric at a recent WWF fundraising dinner for sustainable fisheries and healthy oceans. "As importantly, good food must meet three objective criteria.

It must be good for the health of the person who consumes it

It must be good for the well-being of the people who harvest it, produce it, and transform it

It must be reproducible, hence sustainable and ethical."

Le Sélect's food philosophy is that what we put in our body three times a day every day influences how we feel.

Great food makes us happy and excites our senses. Food allows us to socialize. We celebrate important events with food. Every day the serving of a meal brings us together around the dinner table. Natural, nutritious food keeps us healthy. And le Sélect has the staff that can turn that philosophy into reality.

"We feel that our team is now as strong as it's ever been, from dishwashers to receivers, cooks to senior personnel," said Frédéric. 

Now in its fortieth year, le Sélect is looking forward to a smooth transition, and many more years of renewed success thanks to its guests, its 70–strong staff, and to every single individual who brings to le Sélect their dreams, skills and dedication.

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