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What's cooking, Laura? Meet the new chef!

She brings impeccable skills, finesse, and leadership qualities to the position.

Frédéric Geisweiller, co-proprietor of Le Sélect, said that he was excited with the change and confident that Laura would stay the course, pursuing Le Sélect’s advocacy role of “good food”.

Assisting Laura in her mission are Gavin Gordon, promoted to the position of Executive Sous-chef, and Jeremiah Courtney to Senior Sous-chef. 

Gavin (left) studied Culinary Management at Humber College with a focus on French cuisine, then worked on the west coast and in Toronto. He joined le Sélect six years ago. A fitness enthusiast who believes that "you are what you eat", Gavin brings discipline and steadfastness to his new role. "What I love about le Sélect", says Gavin, "is that the work environment and the leadership push you to be your best. We're always experimenting with new products, techniques, and equipment."

Jeremiah (right), a keen long-distance runner, earned a BA in Fine Arts from the University of Waterloo. He moved to Toronto to pursue his passion in cooking and joined le Sélect five years ago.

"During these years, he became an effective and valued member of the creative team and will do great things as Senior Sous-chef", says Chef Laura.

“What I love about Bistro cuisine as we do it here”, says Jeremiah, “is the link with the earth, the soil, the “terroir”, all embodied in what is affectionately call a “peasant culture”. The way we cook, preserve, pickle, and confit, for example, all remind me of our unbreakable bond with this culture.”

Also brought up from the ranks are Joel Watson (left) and Collin Schwartz (below), two talented and hard-working young professionals. 

They have been promoted to the positions of junior Sous-chefs, in charge of training and day-to-day quality control. They wholeheartedly adhere to our food philosophy that we must make judicious and ethical choices when it comes to food we serve.

So, after four decades, Le Sélect is looking forward with confidence to a smooth transition, a busy Spring on the Terrasse, and forty more years of renewed success thanks to its guests, its 70-people accomplished staff, and to every single individual who brings to Le Sélect their dreams, skills and dedication, helping make it the classy and respected institution it is known as being.

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